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VA 7000 BIBO Filter Housing

Safe change filter housings, also known as BIBO housings  (Bag In Bag Out) are used when pathogens and or harmful substances may be present in the filter media and direct contact with these filters must be avoided. In these applications a safe change housing must be used to protect the environment and staff servicing these housings.

They are typically used on the extraction systems of industries that work with harmful chemicals, biological substances and micro-organisms to minimise the risk of exposure to these potentially harmful substances. 

Vivid Air safe change filter housings are designed to securely house standard size HEPA and primary filters used in the industry. Our safe change housings are modular and can be assembled to many different configurations to suit your specific airflow and space requirements. Our HEPA filter BIBO housings have a built in DOP scan probe for in-situ DOP testing.

Our housing banks can be fitted with differential pressure gauges and de-contamination ports for biological applications where the requirements are to de-contaminate the filters before removal from the housings.   Because safe change filter change-outs are quite complex, they should always be left to authorized technicians.


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