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VA 6000 Series Fume Extraction Cabinet


VA6000 Series Fume Extraction Cabinets - Models:

  • VA6003 = 1200mm wide with 900mm wide inner.
  • VA6004 = 1500mm wide with 1200mm wide inner.
  • VA6005 = 1800mm wide with 1500mm wide inner.
  • VA6006 = 2100mm wide with 1800mm wide inner.


  • The cabinet shall offer operator protection achieved through and inward flow of laboratory air through the bottom aperture below the safety glass sash.
  • The air intake velocity shall range from not less than 0,5 m/s with the sash fully open to approximately 1.2 m/s with the sash fully closed.
  • Extended height units at an extra 500mm are also available

Cabinet Details

External Section:

  • The outer cabinet shall be constructed from mild steel epoxy powder coated white
  • The sides shall be 150mm wide that house all services with removable side panels for access to the services
  • The front section of the sides shall house remote handles for the taps for both wet and dry services
  • The width of the unit shall be so that it can be passed through a standard door width and shall not exceed 720mm.
  • 2 x 16AMP power points

Internal Section:

  • The inner casing shall be a contour moulded resin impregnated fiberglass shell.
  • No nuts and bolts shall protrude into the work area
  • The drip cup will be recessed and sealed firmly without crevices
  • The internal baffle shall be of acid resistant resin-impregnated fiberglass and secured by polypropylene stand-offs.
  • The Inner liner shall comprise of the following:
    • Inner surface - NPG Gel coat
    • First Layer - “C” glass surface tissue with vinyl ester resin
    • Second - 450g chop strand mat with vinyl ester resin
    • Third Layer - 2mm core mat with vinyl ester resin
    • Fourth Layer - 1 x 450g chop strand mat with isothalic resin
    • Outer surface - Flow coat to suit the same colour as the internal gel coat


  • The light shall be of a vapour proof incandescent type situated at the top of the cabinet where maximum light dispersant can be achieved.
  • The lighting shall provide a minimum of 800 LUX over the entire work surface.
  • The lighting shall be housed in an external housing and sealed off from the unit by means of a safety glass diffuser.
  • A silicone gasket will seal the diffuser from the light housing.
  • The light shall be of a vapour proof incandescent type situated at the top of the cabinet where maximum light dispersant can be achieved.

Extraction System:

  • Fan to be constructed entirely from PVC with an external motor.
  • The fan shall be correctly sized according to the size and volume of the cabinet required.
  • All ductwork shall be from class 4 PVC ducting.
  • All bends and joins to be PVC sealed.
  • The ducting shall be for the sole purpose of extracting fumes and vapour from the specific fume cabinet only and no other duct shall be joined into or tapped from it.
  • The duct outlet shall be set to 1m above the highest point of the roof apex.

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