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Airflow Monitor Controller – Type A 119-13842-3886

Airflow Monitor Controller – Type A

VASAMC-A Airflow Monitor Controller – Type A

Types, advantages and features (Type A)

  • Easy to use and install
  • EN 14 – 175 compliant
  • Cost effective airflow monitor
  • Audible alarm and LED visual
  • Digital display of air velocity in meter per sec.
  • 3 push buttons: fan (on/off), light (on/off), and alarm mute
  • Factory precalibrated
  • High precision numerical airflow sensor
  • Sash high contact
  • Alarm relay, battery back up optional
  • Available in vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Choice of 3 colours (white, silver and grey)


[Title]Laminar Flow Theatres: An Overview

The way in which laminar flow theatres work is, very basically, to filter the air and create a powerful, calm and uniform unidirectional airflow.

They rely on fans to create air velocity, which may be downward. There can be multiple laminar flow diffusers in a single operating theatre.

Any turbulence can negate the bacterial reduction and removal effect of the system, so it is very important that operating theatre personnel move around carefully and deliberately.

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[Title]Wet Scrubbers: The Importance of Proper Use and Maintenance

Wet scrubbers play a crucial role in the safe discharge of exhaust emissions from industrial workshops, laboratories and manufacturing facilities by removing particles and harmful gases from the discharged air-stream, they help keep workers, the premises and the surrounding environment safe from contaminants.

Wet scrubbers require regular maintenance, a portion of the responsibility for which rests on the shoulders of the customer.

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