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Cleanroom Gowning Procedures 101: A Guide

One of the biggest threats to the sterility of a clean-room is the workers who carry out duties inside it. There is always a risk of contamination due to inadequate and improper gowning procedures. Lab coats, gloves and other personal protective equipment exist to minimise this risk, but without correct gowning procedures, their efficacy is greatly limited.

In this article, we provide a comprehensive breakdown of proper gowning technique, with notes on common problem areas.

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Purchasing a Fume Extraction Cabinet (FEC)

A fume cabinet, primarily used for containing chemicals, is a box-like ventilation device with a sash window. It provides partial containment of chemical fumes, vapors and gases, as well as particulate matter, preventing exposure and guarding personnel against spills, fires and other reactions. A fume cabinet works in one of two ways. Some draw air in from the laboratory and exhaust the diluted fumes outside into the environment where they are safely dispersed. Others release the air back into the laboratory after it has been sufficiently filtered.

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