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Omicron – The Variant Everyone is Talking About

Although it has only been a few days since the discovery of the new Covid-19 variant, everyone is talking about it, asking questions, and wondering if it’s a cause for serious concern.

Various countries have responded by closing their borders to most Southern Africa countries in a desperate attempt to contain the spread of the new variant.

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What Do We Know About the New Variant?

Experts are still getting to know the Omicron variant, where it originated from, how transmissible it is, how serious it is, and what symptoms can be experienced.

However, according to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, symptoms of the new variant can be described as “extremely mild”. The chair of the South African Medical Association started seeing patients who were presenting with unusual symptoms which did not correlate with those of the globally dominant Delta variant. Many of Dr. Coetzee’s colleagues began to notice similar patterns when testing patients for Covid.

After noticing a difference in symptoms in several patients, Dr. Coetzee swiftly alerted the vaccine advisory committee, although it may take several weeks before medical professionals will understand how the new variant may affect vaccines, therapeutic treatments, and diagnostics.

The important part is that South Africa’s highly sophisticated team of medical professionals should receive applaud for quickly identifying the new variant so that the rest of the world may have the opportunity to respond accordingly. However, closing international borders and banning travel from several southern African countries may be considered a “knee-jerk” reaction, according to South Africa’s health minister. Especially since the variant has already been identified in several other countries such as Belgium, the UK, Israel, France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, and Australia. This is not a South African variant, but rather a variant discovered by South African doctors.

This said, authorities accept their responsibility to act in the best interest of their citizens and a quick, short-lived response may be what we need to contain the spread of the new variant.

Vivid Air – Manufacturers & Suppliers of Clean Air Equipment and Services

In order to study the behavior of the mutating SARS-CoV-2, researchers, medical professionals, and laboratory personnel need to have access to sophisticated, reliable testing facilities and equipment which are designed to protect them from contamination.

Vivid Air’s locally manufactured class II biohazard safety cabinets are used nationwide in pathology labs for the testing of Covid. We also offer our full support in efforts to understand and minimize the spread of this virus and its new variants.

Our clean air equipment is designed and manufactured locally and according to the unique requirements of our clients. Further, our team of professional technicians provide high-quality installation, repair, and maintenance services across the country to ensure the highest standard of clean air is provided where it is needed the most.

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