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PCR Enclosure – Dead Air Enclosure vs. Laminar Flow

A PCR enclosure, also referred to as a PCR workstation, is used in laboratories that deal with genetics and biology.

These workstations provide an enclosed space to effectively prevent cross contamination between samples and UV lights that are used for sterilisation.

Generally speaking, a PCR enclosure is a workspace that is enclosed on three sides and is used for performing amplification of DNA and RNA.

PCR enclosure

PCR Enclosure – Two Types of PCR Workstations

There are two types of PCR enclosures available and both serve to prevent background contamination as well as cross-contamination as the technician or researcher performs his or her tasks.

PCR Workstation HEPA Filter

This type of enclosure combines a clean air environment provided by a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter and fan supplying unidirectional sterile air over the work surface, along with carefully timed UV light sterilisation. This combination provides optimal sterilisation between DNA and RNA amplification.

Dead Air Box

This enclosure provides a circulation-free environment while making use of UV light sterilisation. A timer is attached to the UV light allowing carefully timed sterilisation between amplifications.

There is also a safety interlock switch that prevents UV light exposure when the sash is in the raised position.

PCR Applications

DNA and RNA segment detection is an extremely sensitive process which requires a contamination-free environment. PCR enclosures provide an environment perfectly suited for this application.

These enclosures are equipped with a transparent sash that provides the user with clear visual abilities while amplifying cellular components.

PCR Workstation Specifications and Benefits

  • Air cleanliness is in line with ISO Class 5 standards – for HEPA filtered workstation.
  • LED lighting saves energy
  • Provides a sterile work zone perfect for aseptic techniques
  • Equipped with germicidal UV lamp for effective decontamination between amplifications
  • Vertical uni-directional airflow with HEPA filtration
  • Designed for desktop use or installation on an optional mobile cart or base stand
  • 360-degree visibility with UV absorbing polycarbonate construction

Vivid Air – Suppliers of Clean Air Equipment South Africa

Vivid Air provides both dead air and laminar flow PCR enclosures manufactured using high quality materials.

Our workstations are designed to meet specific applications while ensuring the environment remains free from contamination.

If you would like more information about PCR enclosures or for assistance with choosing the correct type for your application needs, please feel free to contact us.

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