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Positive and Negative Air pressurisation for Fan Filter Units

As we manage the Corona Virus Pandemic, the sterility of our environments as well as the air quality around us must be assessed. This pandemic will burden our society for some time to come and the World Health Organisation has advised that rooms be adequately ventilated when dealing with the Corona Virus. 

Cleanrooms, Laboratories and Isolation Wards use various methods to ensure sterile and safe environments when handling infectious substances.

One of the fundamental approaches implemented is the use of air pressure cascades which are installed between rooms to protect personnel, products and environments from cross contamination. 

The International Cleanroom Standards- ISO 14644-4 - A.5.3 states the following:

The pressure differential should be of sufficient magnitude as well as stable to prevent reversal of airflow direction from that intended. The pressure differential concept should be carefully considered whether used alone or in combination of other contamination control techniques and concepts.

The pressure differential between adjacent cleanrooms or clean zones of different cleanliness levels should lie typically in a range of 5pa to 20pa to allow doors to be opened and to avoid unintended crossflows due to turbulence.     

How to achieve the above with Fan Filter Units

Vivid Air manufactures and installs Fan Filter Units. These modular units can be fitted with various stages of filtration. This includes HEPA filtration which is required in areas of the medical field to efficiently clean the air being either drawn into the specific area or extracted and released into the atmosphere. The unit is powered by a suitably sized fan. This fan provides the necessary airflow and pressure required to adequately supply or extract the filtered air. 

Vivid Air – HEPA Filters and Fan Filter Unit Manufacturers in South Africa

Vivid Air’s dedicated sales and design personnel are available for consultation. Once your requirements have been assessed, we will propose a design and a quote will be submitted. 

One of our technical teams from either Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Pretoria or Durban will install the unit. Once installation is complete, the room will be commissioned using fully calibrated testing equipment, and certification to ISO14644 standards will be provided.

For more information regarding our HEPA Filters or Fan Filter Units, please contact us.

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