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Surgical Site Infection prevention with Uni-directional Flow Theatres

A unidirectional flow theatre is an absolute necessity when it comes to preventing surgical site infections in operational theatres.

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters play a key role in almost completely reducing the number of airborne bacteria which are the cause of most hospital acquired diseases.

Laminar Flow - HEPA Filters South Africa

Why is laminar flow theatre important?

Laminar air flow ensures that HEPA filtered air is diffused into the operating theatre in a controlled, unidirectional manner.

This is to say that the majority of airborne bacteria have been taken out of the air and is replaced with a more sterile air for the sterile environment.

VA5000 series theatre plenum

The VA5000 theatre plenum series has been designed to provide a unidirectional flow of high efficiency particulate filtered air to the surgery theatre.


  • The effective UDF surface area is the CG Screen footprint
  • VA-5027 CG measures 2400 x 2400 mm which = 5.76m2
  • VA-5033 CG measures 2700 x 2700 mm which = 7.29m2
  • The required airflow velocity must fall between 0,36 and 0,54m/s measured 150 to 300mm below the CG Screen with the mean average not more than 20% variation.
  • This is based on the ISO 14644 standard for unidirectional flow and should be agreed upon by the client to meet their requirements.

Benefits of a unidirectional flow theatre

  • Reduces levels of airborne bacteria in the surgery theatre
  • Reduces levels of bacteria found on theatre utensils and machines
  • Significantly minimises surgical sight infections
  • Prevents general contamination which can be dangerous

Vivid Air Unidirectional flow and HEPA filter South Africa

Vivid Air are countrywide stockists of the VA5000 series theatre plenum. For more information about our product range, please contact us.

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