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To compensate for system pressure fluctuations, Constant Volume (CV) fans maintain a set output. This is beneficial to maintaining installation design parameters for HVAC systems and cleanroom applications.

In this article, Vivid Air explains the benefits of installing CV fans, in particular the Direct Driven Centrifugal Fan.

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Direct Driven Centrifugal Fan (DDMP)

Vivid Air are proud stockists of the Direct Driven Centrifugal Fan (DDMP), an CV fan manufactured and imported directly from NICOTRA- Gebhardt Italy.

Fitted with EC-Motors, the DDMP fans speak for itself when installed into systems housing filters and other variable plenum blockages, by maintaining a set point flow rate. EC-Motors are also more efficient than AC motors fitted with Frequency inverters.

The EC-Motor

Unlike conventional AC motors, the EC-motor operates without slip loss and therefore consumes significantly less power. This applies to all speed settings and even in partial-load operation.

High efficiency is achieved by the EC-Motor’s compact, streamlined design and built-in high intensity neodymium magnets. Additionally, due to the build on control unit – there is no obstruction of intake, resulting in less aerodynamic losses.

Below are several benefits buildings achieve by using DDMP fans fitted with an EC-Motor.

1. Efficiency and Energy Consumption

Commercial buildings typically use up to 40% of their energy consumption on heating, ventilating and cooling, with 50% of the HVAC energy use coming from fans.

Savings as a result of moving from AC to EC, result in 24/7 ventilation and effective control of humidity, odours and mould growth.

Even greater efficiency is achieved when a building’s ventilation system includes multiple fans operating closer to their peak efficiencies, instead of one large fan controlled over a wide operating range.

2. Redundancy

Consistent and continuous airflow is critical to almost every commercial property. Running fans in parallel allows for redundancy which is designed to improve reliability and consistency.

When fitted to equipment with filters that block over time, DDMP fans maintain air volume by compensating for the extra pressure drop and increasing the fan output. This is very important in clean room and cleanroom equipment applications where air change rates need to be maintained over a long period of time.

3. Plug and Play Installation

DDMP CV Fans are ideally suited for retrofit Air Handling Unit (AHU) projects. Often buildings expand around an AHU over its years of operation. This results in difficulties with the extraction of old fans while making the installation of the new fans impossible without minor adjustments to the actual structure of the building.

Additionally, DDMP CV fans are ideally sized for standard pedestrian doorways and can be transported by no more than two operatives. This is a significant factor in maintaining tight replacement schedules, reducing costs and downtime.

Vivid Air – Air Ventilation and Air Filter Manufacturers South Africa

When comparing DDMP fans to conventional Fans, it is easy to see why switching to EC technology has substantial benefits.

Contact us, for more information about CV fans, DDMP fans with the EC-Motor.

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