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Mobile sputum booth for TB testing in South Africa

Due to the extremely contagious nature of Tuberculosis, taking a sputum test for TB can be risky if not performed in a controlled environment.

To make matters worse, the inadequate treatment of TB as well as poor infection control within public healthcare facilities, we are now faced with Multi-drug resistant strains of the disease (MDR-TB).

Drug Resistant TB

Drug Resistant TB

MDR-TB means that TB does not respond to the two most powerful anti-TB drugs on the market – Rifampicin and Isoniazid.

In addition to this, there is a more serious form MDR-TB known as extensively drug resistant TB (XDR-TB). This type of TB does not respond Rifampicin, Isoniazid as well as other anti-TB medication.

South Africa has the highest rate of XDR-TB in the world, making it extremely important to prevent new cases of TB by drastically improving infection control in hospitals and clinics.

In order for researchers to safely and effectively research the disease so as to develop drugs that TB is not resistant to, they need a safe environment to collect specimens.

Mobile sputum booth for safe TB testing in South Africa

Vivid Air was commissioned to design and manufacture a booth to provide an environment to take a sputum test for TB while completely preventing the spread of infection.

This design houses purpose-built monitoring and sampling devices necessary for the collection of sputum while ensuring patients are comfortable and research personnel remain protected from the bacteria at all times.

TB infection control

Our specialised booth is equipped with a speed-controlled double inlet centrifugal fan which is fitted with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. This filter draws filtered air into the chamber through a HEPA filtered supply air diffuser which is situated above the patient.

Air is then discharged through a low-level discharge grill situated at their feet. This discharge grill is also fitted with a HEPA filter ensuring only sterile air leaves the booth.

Both HEPA filters are gold standard and absolutely essential in preventing the spread of airborne diseases such as TB.

High quality booth for taking a sputum test for TB

Our mobile booths were carefully designed and manufactured and function in such a way that the airborne diseases are properly filtered out of the booth, minimising the risk of infection.

We are proud to know that the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation has two of our special research sputum booths and one mobile trailer which they use at their research centre.

Vivid Air – Manufacturers of mobile sputum booths for TB testing

We are proud to be involved with preventing the spread of TB by providing high quality sputum booths. To find out more about our clean air equipment, contact us today.

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