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PCR Accuracy Significantly Improved with PCR Enclosures

Polymerase chain reaction for DNA analysis (PCR) enclosures are designed to improve PCR accuracy by effectively storing and decontaminating reagents, solutions and equipment both during and after PCR experiments.

Included in PCR enclosures are PCR workstations and PCR cabinets which are essential for any PCR laboratory. These additions are generally available with a variety of options and features.

Dead air boxes - PCR accuracy

How Do PCR Enclosures Work?

These enclosures use a combination of UV light sterilisation and/or an ISO Class 5 clean air environment to effectively decrease sample contamination throughout the PCR manipulation process, ensuring maximum PCR accuracy.

These enclosures may function as dead air boxes or as laminar airflow enclosures.

In laminar flow PCR enclosures, air enters the enclosure through a blower or fan situated at the top of the enclosure.

Then, the air is filtered through a prefilter where large air particles are trapped before the rest of the air passes through a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Airflow from the HEPA filter travels over work surface in a unidirectional downward flow before exiting the work area across the PCR front opening.

PCR enclosures include a built-in Germicidal UV light for UV sterilisation purposes. This allows the PCR operator to sterilize pipets, flasks and tubes pre and post the PCR manipulation process which destroys potential contaminants from previous cycles.

Any cross contamination between DNA cycles will greatly affect PCR accuracy.

What to Consider When Purchasing a PCR Enclosure

To make sure the appropriate PCR enclosure is selected, there are certain features that must be taken into consideration.


The design of the enclosure will depend on where and for what it will be used for.

Work Area

How much space does the operator require? A PCR cabinet will provide a smaller work area than an enclosure.

Size of enclosure

How much lab space is available for the PCR enclosure? The depth size of the enclosure will depend largely on the available space provided by the laboratory.


Will the enclosure be Dead Air or with laminar airflow circulation?

HEPA filters and disposable prefilters are fitted into PCR enclosures with laminar airflow.

UV Sterilisation

Most PCR enclosures include a shortwave Germicidal UV light which is positioned overhead. Additionally, a digital timer for monitoring UV exposure as well as an automatic safety turn-off switch to avoid operator exposure to harmful UV rays may be included in the enclosure.

Vivid Air – Clean Air Equipment

We manufacture and supply high-end clean air equipment such as HEPA filters and PCR enclosures for improved PCR accuracy.

For more information regarding our equipment, contact us.

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