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Extraction Systems for Atomic Absorption and Inductively Coupled Plasma

Vivid Air provides high-quality extraction systems for atomic absorption (AA) and inductively coupled plasma machines (ICP)

These applications require specific types of extraction systems that aim to provide a safe environment for the user.

atomic absorption extraction systems

Extraction Systems – Fume Extraction for Atomic Absorption

Atomic absorption is a technique used to analyse and measure the concentration of elements in a solution. This technique uses wavelengths of light absorbed by a particular element.

In this application, venting or extraction systems are used to effectively remove combustion fumes and vapour that result from the flame or graphite furnace used for atomic absorption instruments.

This type of exhaust ventilation system is important for the following reasons:

  • It removes dissipated heat which is produced by the furnace or flame
  • Protects laboratory personnel from exposure to toxic vapours produced by certain samples
  • Provides a flow rate of approximately 7000-8000 litres per minute
  • Removes the effects of room drafts and laboratory atmosphere
  • Protects instruments from corrosive vapours which originate from the samples

Atomic absorption spectrophotometers are used in the following industries:

  • Petroleum and chemical production
  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Environmental testing
  • Metal analysis
  • Pharmaceuticals

Inductively Coupled Plasma

Inductively coupled plasma is generated by directing the energy of a radio frequency generator into a suitable gas such as Helium, Nitrogen and, more typically, ICP argon.

It’s most commonly used to measure elements in biological fluid at trace levels. Many of these elements have toxic characteristics.

It is, therefore, important to ensure the correct extraction system is installed, allowing for the effective removal of fumes and harmful particles.

Vivid Air – Suppliers of Extraction Systems and Clean Air Equipment

Having the right extraction systems in place for various applications is essential to providing and maintaining a safe environment for laboratory personnel.

Our clean air equipment is made from high-quality materials and assembled, installed and tested by our trained technicians. Thimble connections between the capture hood and ICP,AA discharge chambers are designed for maximum extract efficiencies.   

For more information about our laboratory equipment and specialised extraction systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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