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HEPA filters

Bag In, Bag Out Changeout Procedure for Safe Change Housings

A safe change housing is used when pathogens and or harmful substances may be present in the filter media and direct contact with these filters must be avoided.

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Positive and Negative Air pressurisation for Fan Filter Units

As we manage the Corona Virus Pandemic, the sterility of our environments as well as the air quality around us must be assessed. This pandemic will burden our society for some time to come and the World Health Organisation has advised that rooms be adequately ventilated when dealing with the Corona Virus. 

Cleanrooms, Laboratories and Isolation Wards use various methods to ensure sterile and safe environments when handling infectious substances.

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Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinets and handling COVID-19

Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinets are essential in handling COVID-19 samples in the laboratory

While the world is facing unprecedented challenges with the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic (COVID-19) we at Vivid Air will continue to play a critical role.

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Key features & purpose of a dispensing booth inside a clean room

A dispensing booth, also known as a weighing or sampling booth, is widely used in any industry where total air sterility is of utmost importance.

These industries include pharmaceutical, medical and food industries as well as laboratories and other areas where scientific activities are carried out.

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Safe change housing for HEPA filter systems

HEPA filter systems are designed to filter harmful chemicals, micro-organisms and microbiological airborne contaminants from the air.

These high efficiency particulate air filters can be installed in bio-safety cabinets or mounted on the wall or ceilings as well as in air discharge systems connected to hazardous industries. 

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Mobile sputum booth for TB testing in South Africa

Due to the extremely contagious nature of Tuberculosis, taking a sputum test for TB can be risky if not performed in a controlled environment.

To make matters worse, the inadequate treatment of TB as well as poor infection control within public healthcare facilities, we are now faced with Multi-drug resistant strains of the disease (MDR-TB).

MDR-TB means that TB does not respond to the two most powerful anti-TB drugs on the market – Rifampicin and Isoniazid.

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Season's Greetings from Vivid Air - Quality HEPA Filters & Equipment

As 2018 comes to a close, Vivid Air would like take a look at the year that has passed and what we have accomplished.

It is our goal to always provide the highest quality equipment along with expert services – ensuring our clients receive only the best.

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HEPA Filters - The Importance of Air Quality for IVF Labs

In 1978, the first in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) baby was born, since then the importance of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) has grown as techniques and success rates continue to advance.

All cells, including gametes (sperm and egg) and embryos (bundles of cells), are extremely sensitive to laboratory conditions. Temperature, pressure, the composition of the agent they are handled and grown in, and the quality of air – all play a role in pregnancy success rate.

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HEPA Filters - The importance of air quality for hospital patients

Although hospitals and healthcare facilities are where people go to get better, there is often the risk of picking up an infection while in hospital. Correct ventilation design and HEPA filters help avoid this from happening.

Having high quality air which is well filtered and distributed throughout the building is absolutely crucial in maintaining the health and well-being of patients, staff and even visitors.

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Vivid Air - Cleanroom Validations throughout South Africa

A cleanroom is a modular environment in which several factors are kept under control, including; relative humidity, temperature, differential pressure, airborne particulates, microbes, and air flow.

Regular cleanroom validations are a vital part of achieving cleanroom compliance prior to operation.

Additionally, further validation is required during operation to ensure that a cleanroom continues to meet its ISO Class parameters.

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