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VA 1004 BioHazard Cabinet Class 1 119-13842-3807

VA 1004 BioHazard Cabinet Class 1


The cabinet shall offer user protection.

Cabinet Details

Outer section:

  • The cabinets are manufactured from Mild Steel Epoxy powder coated white upper section and Stainless Steel bottom section
  • The units are PC board controlled with all modern safety features
  • There is fluorescent illumination from above inner chamber
  • The units are equipped with a minihelic pressure gauge and a variable fan speed control
  • Stand epoxy powder coated to suit with adjustable feet
  • Blackout or night panel cut away for easy viewing

Inner Section:

  • Stainless steel scratch finish work surface
  • Exhaust outlet with optional anti-blow back and can be ducted to outside for added safety
  • A spindle type gas tap, a 15 amp electrical socket and a germicidal UV light are optional extra’s

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