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VA 2000 Type Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2 119-13842-4938

VA 2000 Type Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2

The VA 2000 series cabinets are Microbiohazard cabinets, according to the definitions now adopted by all the main international standards, with about 70% laminar flow recirculated air and 30% extracted air, with prior HEPA filtering, Suitable for the treatment of class CDC-2/3, DHSS-B2/B1 microorganisms, and wherever a product-personnel-environment cross-protection is required.

Especially suitable for applications such as:

  • Manipulation of eziologic agents having a known pathogenicity on humans and animals.
  • Presence of high concentrations of biologic material.
  • Presence of agents likely to cause genetic alternations or synergetic activities with other
  • Oncogenic viruses.

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