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Cleanroom Validations – Validation Technician Training

Cleanroom validations are required not only after a new cleanroom has been built, but also intermittently throughout its life.

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Biohazard Safety Cabinets - Laboratory Equipment South Africa

At Vivid Air, we aim to supply the highest quality clean air and laboratory equipment South Africa has to offer.

There are various types of clean air equipment, each one with their own purpose and application.

However, in this article, we discuss biohazard safety cabinets, classes 1 and 2 in order to distinguish between their applications and some of their specifications.

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ISO Compliance – The Importance of Regulatory Bodies

ISO compliance ensures that a company, its operations and its products are aligned with the highest international standards of quality.

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Fume Extraction Cabinets - Everything You Need to Know

Also known as a fume hood, fume extraction cabinets play an integral role in the health and safety standards in potentially hazardous environments.

Therefore, when making a choice between all the available fume extraction cabinets, it’s important to first establish what application it will be used for.

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Fume Extraction Fans for Toxic or Corrosive Environments

Fume extraction fans are fitted to local exhaust ventilation systems (LEV) which remove gas, vapour, mist, dust and fumes out of the environment.

By extracting corrosive or toxic fumes from the air, user safety is enhanced.

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Reduce Particle Contamination Through the Use of Air Showers

In order to further reduce particle contamination in clean rooms and other controlled environments, such facilities may make use of air showers.

Air showers are enclosed, specialised chambers which are installed at entrances to clean rooms.

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PCR Accuracy Significantly Improved with PCR Enclosures

Polymerase chain reaction for DNA analysis (PCR) enclosures are designed to improve PCR accuracy by effectively storing and decontaminating reagents, solutions and equipment both during and after PCR experiments.

Included in PCR enclosures are PCR workstations and PCR cabinets which are essential for any PCR laboratory. These additions are generally available with a variety of options and features.

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Key features & purpose of a dispensing booth inside a clean room

A dispensing booth, also known as a weighing or sampling booth, is widely used in any industry where total air sterility is of utmost importance.

These industries include pharmaceutical, medical and food industries as well as laboratories and other areas where scientific activities are carried out.

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Safe change housing for HEPA filter systems

HEPA filter systems are designed to filter harmful chemicals, micro-organisms and microbiological airborne contaminants from the air.

These high efficiency particulate air filters can be installed in bio-safety cabinets or mounted on the wall or ceilings as well as in air discharge systems connected to hazardous industries. 

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Mobile sputum booth for TB testing in South Africa

Due to the extremely contagious nature of Tuberculosis, taking a sputum test for TB can be risky if not performed in a controlled environment.

To make matters worse, the inadequate treatment of TB as well as poor infection control within public healthcare facilities, we are now faced with Multi-drug resistant strains of the disease (MDR-TB).

MDR-TB means that TB does not respond to the two most powerful anti-TB drugs on the market – Rifampicin and Isoniazid.

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